Home is …

Home is …

Year calendar dealing with the question of what „home“ means.

While I was living outside of my hometown, Vienna, I was often wondering myself what „home“ actually means to other people and how it could be defined. So I started asking and collected all answers in a year calendar I got printed and bound as a present for friends and family who contributed.

Each answer to „home is …“ is assigned to a week of the year.
Weekdays and dates are on the left, the completed sentence on the right. I aimed to use as little elements as possible so the book could be used as diary, calendar as well as sketchbook.
Lovelo font is remake of the original Lovelo Inline – designed by Renzler Design, Vienna, Austria.
Since my hometown is Vienna it had to be a font from an austrian designer. 
Furthermore the type is straight forward and yet has something special to it.
I added some extra pages in the beginning and the end of the calendar reflecting and adding to the idea of  „is home a physical place?“. The timezones are based around Berlin and Vienna – which were my two „homes“ from 2012 to 2014.
Places to remember are marked as grey spots. 
Those are hometowns or the current whereabouts of the books contributors.
I deleted some of the weekdays letters in order to have them about the same width. In this way they could be used as visual separators of the weekdays.
The sentence of each contributor was added to their „birthday week“. In this way it can be easily detected who gave what input – given my friends know each others birthdates.

In the end I had the calendar printed on Sunken Design paper, and finished with an open bound.

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