Young acting community creating and delivering politically critical, multilayered plays.

playground serves for me as well as a playground. This is most apparent on the website.

But first the brand design: The logo refers to traditional typesetting techniques since the founders of playground were keen on communicating the high quality of their work through traditional techniques.

It furthermore stands for the diversity in terms of actors, venues, topics, themes and visual representation.

Further elements to the playground brand are reduced in detail but eye-catching in color and positioning. Contrast comes by using white space. It is based on the concept of creating a visual conflict between the used elements.

Logo as stamp

By using a stamp for the logo print material such as their business card can be individualized for each play with its main color.


Andorras Büchse

The play „Andorras Büchse“ was confronting its viewers with one of the most urgent issues of 2016: the refugee crisis. It displayed different positions, voices, and point of views though as well as a cat and an actor who came to Vienna as a refugee.


The play „Sauschädelfressen“ picked out the issue of austrian politics and racismn. An old austrian tradition is to meet and have a feast also containing pig heads, which is considered a delicacy. This event is called „Sauschädelessen“.

Schopenhauers Tipp

The plays topics circled around the culture of hipsters and the philosopher Schopenhauer. The illustration combined Schopenhauers face with the symbol of hipsters: the triangle. „Don’t be square“.

Harmonie Terror

„Harmonie Terror“ is basically a play within a play, discussing how naive we are thinking we are able to change the world by eg. writing a play. Enforcing Harmony on others.


Of course! Stickers, T-Shirts, Bags …


The website aims to be as different, loud but clever as playground plays. I was able to create something completely different to all other projects I am working on and even disregard some basic webdesign rules. Text is on black background, Gifs are in behind. Text and Graphics move in an out.

It was created in Adobe Muse. It is not native responsive but only displays the mobile version when viewed on a mobile device. Best to have a look yourself:

from 2010 onward until today

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