Professional planning software to build and review athletes performance.

Trayn is a vienna-based start-up with a focus on the US market. Its aim is to revolutionize the way professional coaches plan their athelets training. Their biggest competition, as they always love to stress, is Excel as well as pen and paper.

Coaches, athletes, doctors, therapists or the organizations managers can plan and track their athletes workouts, communicate, review an athletes progress as well as assign team events and tests. The core feature is that workout templates get instantly individualized to an athletes capabilities when assigning it to him.

The Challenge

Trayn has been developed over several years before I joined to team. Being a blessing and a curse. There was much to work with and build upon but it became clear that the software had grown in many different directions over the time.

My Process

I looked through the web-app for bugs, problems with the UI as well as the user flow. I detected features that were hardly visible,  usable or needed and came up with fixes in close collaboration with the team of developers and founders. From problem to scribble through clickdummies and loads of discussions to a working solution.

The Result

We restructured and designed Trayns Website, introduced a Blog, created an automated sign-up process to the software as well as an interactive tutorial inside the web-app. Several screens and small sections inside the web-app were revised and redesigned for better usability. Furthermore the mobile app (ios & android) relaunched with mobile tracking and is under continuous enhancement.

Mobile App

With tracking on mobile the athlete can give exact feedback on how well he managed to execute the plan his coach assigned to him. „I only did 7 repetitions instead of 8 but for the next exercise I was able to train with 67 instead of only 65 kilograms.“ A very important feature for planning as well as reviewing.


The website gives an overview of important features for different target groups such as teams and organizations as well as private trainers.

Redesign of the Web-App

Trayn is massively clever and can do so much. My job together with the team of skilled developers is to clean up „rank growth“ which quietly appeared throughout the years of development inside the web-app.

In the example above you see the athlete tab. It worked solely with overlays. I redesigned the structure to eliminate overlays and redundant buttons, colse-icons, save buttons etc.

Empty screens

Redesigning the basics of the web-app also included detecting unused white space and using it to trigger an action, such as sending your first message or adding details about an athlete.

Error Messages

We defined two different ways of notifying the user about a background action for two types of notifications:

  1. Something went wrong and we could not fullfill your desired action.
  2. Something happened and we want to tell you about without disturbing you.

Sign-up and Interactive Onboarding

We want to make the user feel at home while working with Trayn, but from the very beginning. This is why we we’ve been working on an interactive tutorial that sheds some light on the most important features for trainers.

Details. Details. Details.

We never forgot how to have fun and keep a playful mind-set along our challenging work.


Our Christmas themed App-Icon


Close collaboration throughout

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