Brand Design

ioT Data analitics is slow and complex! 80% of time is lost in getting data ready. That’s where comes in. Calculating with sensor data as easily as with pen on paper was the ambition for creating

With you can organise and calculate with sensor data. The idea is to discover chances to save resources by easy testing out ideas as well as organisation and visualisation of sensor data, is a big selling point.

This case study focuses on the Branding of gnista. If you are more interested in the story of the software design you can find the UX/UI use case here (soon!)

Challenge and Approach

Gnista was founded with the idea at heart to save energy. One place where the founders could make an impact is the world of engineering and industrialisation. Since this “zweig” also creates most of the CO2 its the perfect way to start.

Why design a brand? Brands should make you feel something while interacting with them.

Somehow though it still does not feel super epic to be the green energy saving tool but this is another topic on stratedgy and marketing. So we made the consience choice not to go down the “green path”, nor the “startup path” with its pastel colors, gradients and funky illustrations of people with small heads and big bodies.
No. We wanted to make gnista users feel empowered. Working with our software they should think of themselves as powerful wizzards that finally found the magical tool to be creative and organised at the same time.

Insights and Solution

The idea for the brand design leans on mankind’s curiosity of observing the starry sky. Gazing into the infinite. Twinkling stars symbolise our longing for exploring new things and measuring the unknown.

The Brand Design combines all that is important to the team. It represents the spark, the shooting star, the crackling that starts a fire. It represents ultimate curiosity: the symbiosis of ratio and creativity.

Insights and Solution

A dynamic brand. We didn’t design it just for the sake of it but because it was the logical thing to do.

The logo contains four of the basic mathematical operators: addition, multiplication, division and substraction. They are the very foundation of calculations, the core feature of gnista. Aligned, they form the so-called “spark”. – As all four operators are equal in their importance, gnista needed a variable logo system. It consists of four logo variations. In each one another operator defines the beginning of the spark.

You know what saves energy as well?
Right. Dark themes!

The branddesign had to work first and foremost as a UI design. This is why we tested our ideas on the clickdummies screendesign.

Merch & Stationery

Part of every brand design is to think of future touch points with the brand. Gnista is a new, innovation-oriented, but also a comfortable and flexible tool. So the choice of T-shirts over business shirts is a natural one. As for the business cards, the focus lies on quality. Qualitative materials that stand out, qualitive information people can remember.


The Gnista Team put their trust in our work. We were able to explore and execute all of our ideas. Thank you for this. It’s not taken for granted.


In team with
Ulrich Fuchs, Brand Design


Website coding
Thomas Kuipers

Brand and UX/UI Design