IC-IC Air-travel App


A research project, funded by the European Union. It’s aim was to make air travel more convenient and non-disruptive by eliminating barriers such as language gaps, missing information or forcing the traveler to switch from website to website, app to app etc. to get from A to B.

Challenge and Approach

This project was a collaboration of Fuenfwerken, Edenspiekermann (Amsterdam) and Fluidtime (Vienna). Since this project started off much earlier with european universities conducting research and finding pain points we already had a vast amout of information to build on. We met up for intensive day long workshops to go through the material, define Personas, Challenges, create a Costumer Journey and finally design concept and screens for the prototype. In 2014 Matthias Zifko from Fluidtime and I presented the IC-IC project at the IIID Vision Plus conference in Vienna.

Images Ⓒ Fuenfwerken Design AG, Berlin

Insights and solution
Collect all Information in one place.