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Julia Landsiedl is an Austrian designer working on narrative exhibition design as well as developing spatial and instrumental concepts.

In collaboration we defined structure, concept and design for her online portfolio focussing on simple and clean design and user navigation. Also her great work had to be displayed visually appealing through big images.

Challenge and Approach

Julia Landsiedl is a great storyteller. I wanted to give her the tools to tell each projects story in her own way. The projects story defined the form of our concept, grid and typography.

The visitors should perceive the website as well structured, easy to navigate through, and in the best case, timeless: reflecting Julia Landsiedls work.


Insights and solution

For a flexible yet structured visual look for all past and future project we defined a 12-column grid. Within this grid we arranged text, quotes and images.

I drew typographic inspiration from books like „The Tender Spot“ from Mario Lombardo. What we decided on was a combination of Source Sans and Serif Pro. They gave us a great range of styles and weights to chose from to create a visual hierarchy.

Insights and solution

For a clean and structured content we did not only look at the information hierarchy and grid but also at wording. That’s why we went for short statements on the homepage and every landingpage of the project categories.

The quick-facts on every project detailpage give a short overview of each projects specifics and make it easy to take in.


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