Studio Licht

Brand Design Webdesign

Last year Nicole Lichtenegger, the founder of "Studio Licht" approached me for a refresh of her brand design. Her studio is an interior architecture studio, working in and around Vienna.

She wanted to lift her brand to the next level. Create an outstanding, professional and timeless look while keeping her brand "in the background" in order to give her work the space it deserves and let it shine.

Design Direction

The brand design heavily relies on clean application of typography and a serene color palette, creating an aesthetically pleasing and calming experience.

It was important that also the selection of paper and printing method reflects Nicole Lichteneggers commitment to excellence.

The web design is minimalistic yet sophisticated, featuring subtle details and animations that enhance the user experience without overwhelming it. Studio Licht is providing exceptional service and quality so I had to ensure that every interaction with the brand is memorable and satisfying.


The business card, produced by Infinitive Factory, features a minimalistic design that creates subtle optical tension. Combined with the exquisite green cardboard and letterpress printing, it truly stands out.

For the brochure and additional marketing materials, including a notepad, an info sheet on the studio's services, and the offer template, we designed a cohesive folder to bind everything together. This simple yet elegant solution enables Nicole Lichtenegger to effortlessly assemble the perfect set of informational materials for each client and project.

This modular system is designed to be both future-proof and timeless.


It was a pleasure working with Nicole Lichtenegger who always had a clear vision in mind and inspired me to achieve the best and most suitable design there is for her studio.

Client: Studio Licht
Project: Brand Design
Year: 2024