The Insiderei is the international pendant of the austrian „A-List“. An online website, run by the insider publishing team, circling around all nice, tasty, special and exiting locations, bars, shops and so forth I can only dream about but not pay for.

In the team of Akkurat Identity I was able to completely take their old-school website apart, asses its content, the visitors needs and put it back together with the help of personas, use cases, loads of scribbles, feedback sessions, click-dummies and beautiful imagery and icons.

Challenge and Approach

The biggest challenge and chance was to restructure the old, non-responsive site so that users are actually able to discover all the great content there always was and is. We created personas and continously worked from scribbles, to wireframes and design with the mobile-first approach since most visitors and travellers visit the Insiderei from their mobile phones.


An important use case was to cover for people who just want a „5 Minute Holiday“. A quick get-away from their buzzing daily life. Something to dream about and be amazed by during their lunch break.


Our majour focus lies on allowing exploring and browsing. Also because content could not always be easily categorised. An amazing green-travel mountain get-away could not be featured with majour cities nor with bars, restaurants or new openings. So we had to take care to property feature these gems as well.

The second important use case was the direct search for tips and openings in certain locations, on a map or for insiders and their recommendations. So browsing for the dreamy-user and searching for decisive-explorer.

Insights and solution


Since we worked with mobile first approach we started off by clustering and structuring content in a flexible system. Content-Teasers such as for new openings, insider interviews as well as „best of“-lists are all designed as squares. This allowed us to create a flexible grid for easy and versatile page structure.

Variable header and clever search

The header contains all important quick-links to serve for the needs of finding and browsing:
A prominent and clever search bar, well-structured content in areas and continents as well as according to moods.

The landing page furthermore starts with a full-screen image which invites the mind to wander immediately, sets the mood plus offers a prominent place to feature special places or tips.

Location-Icons for: Africa and Arabia, North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania


A special wish was to be able to create „best of“ lists. With these lists the Insiderei team can react to current trends, fan-requests or to feature hidden gems or special openings which do not fit inside any city or mood-tag.


All tipps can also be viewed on a map. Our focus was to be able to easily navigate through the tips and only show the most important information for easy navigation and browsing, especially – again – on mobile.

Small Details

Category icons as well as those to open the menu, filter, map and so on and so forth were specially designed and optimised for the different viewport sizes and applications inside the site.


In the team of Akkurat Identity we had many brainstorming-sessions and meetings with the Insider Publishing team to design the best solution possible. It was throughout a challenging but very rewarding project. My focus was to keep the design as minimal and reduced as possible in order to let the great content stand out and tell its story.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy browsing, dreaming and exploring:

house outline illustration



In team with
Akkurat Identity, Vienna


UX / UI Design, Icon-Design,
Presentations and Asset Deliverables