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LAC – Lebensraum. Arbeit. Consulting. is led by Anna Kelick and Doris Beneder and focusses on supporting companies and individuals in their daily work-life challenges. They lead workshops, seminars and create customized offers for each individual case.

A5 Workshop Flyer

Insights and Solution

For this project we drew our inspiration from office spaces as well as the agencies culture: LAC stands for professional and individual services. Everything circles around communication.

Thus we soon arrived at the new logo with the "a" in its speech-bubble-inspired distinctive shape. It is later reused on the website as the interactive contact element.

Insights and Solution

Besides the logo we also carefully selected new typography, created a new colorful and vivid yet grounded colour palette as well as some fun, meaningful and playful illustrations.

All rooted in the "work-environment".


In team with
Georg Liebergesell


Corporate Redesign,
Webconcept and Design