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Red Dot Award 2020

The bob app has been rewarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2020!!

The bob app has won a Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020. This means I won over the Red Dot Jury with high design quality in the world’s most respected design competition.. and the world to me.


About the Red Dot Award

Evaluation by an international jury 
The Red Dot Award provides a platform to designers, agencies and companies from all over the globe for the evaluation of design. In 2020, a total of 6,992 creative projects and brands from 50 countries were entered in the competition. In line with the motto “In search of good design and creativity”, the 24 international jurors assessed this year’s entries online and examined each piece of work and each brand individually and extensively in a professional manner. They paid special attention to the form, the idea and the impact. Ultimately, only those projects that convinced the experts in terms of their high design quality and creative achievement received a distinction.

the brief

bob has always been the cheeky challenger of the long-established mobile operator. Since then, not only have the requirements of the market changed, but also the ways of communication. So, in line with the completely new brand appearance, which meets these requirements, the app also had to be revised. Because the guiding principle is: mobile first!

A modern brand also includes a modern user experience for bob customers in the app. So we had the app completely redesigned and further developed by our app users. The new user concept has emerged from the collected user feedback. The aim was to create an intuitive, uniform, and user-centred brand. With the app, you can quickly check your current costs and consumption, make settings and browse through the current bob offers. No more nasty surprises at the end of the month and complete, transparent control over your expenses.

Quick overview

The main use case of the bob app is to get an overview of available free units and current costs. On the dashboard, the first screen that appears when you start the app, users see their available units and the provisional total costs. These also include ongoing costs, such as SMS abroad. A special feature is the data bar, which changes on-tap to a 3D view. Here, users can see what parts of the available data are made of. Green is the data that can only be used in Austria. blue the data that is also included for roaming in the EU.


rotated units
Before the revision, the full green bar meant that all units had been used up. However, since a green display has been learned as "everything ok", we have rotated the display: from "used up data" to "still available data". The green bar sinks over time with the consumption of data, as does a battery that runs out.

view abroad

If you are in a country inside the EU, the dashboard changes accordingly. It displays the included EU roaming units in the foreground and data that can only be used in Austria is gray, i.e. inactive.

Outside of the EU
If users are outside the EU and no free units are included, both data bars are gray, i.e. inactive. The summary mentions that no units are included in the users plan.

pull-down to refresh

a much sought-after function, yes, the pull-to-refresh feature has been implemented! Of course we read and respond to feedback.

mobile first. app first.

Why shouldn't you be able to see the app before you become a customer? And why shouldn't you be able to become a customer directly in the app?

bob customers and non-customers can browse the shop and look for current offers and additional packages inside the app

invoices and individual connections
Our users can quickly check invoices and costs incurred in the past few months on the invoice page and easily track them using the visual graph. Invoice PDFs can also be downloaded.

vitamin bob

Users can invite their friends to bob and secure a € 10 credit. You can send the code directly from the app and watch whether it has been redeemed.


A1 Telekom Austria
Product Owner: Tobolka Martin
Communications Manager: Ullmann Roswitha
Product Manager: Nina Fattinger

Brand Design: DMB. (Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann)
Tripple Thumbs up Illustration: Laurène Boglio
Campaign Illustrations: Clara Berlinski
Coding: unique computing solutions, BeKa

Video Animation: Elias Freiberger
Fish Illustrations: Ulrich Fuchs

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UX/UI Design

continuous work from winter 2018